R O B    L A W L O R

About the artist:

   A born and raised Philadelphian whose career includes some years of minor league baseball and 35 years of joy on the stage as a leading man in dinner theatre and musicals in Philly and Bucks County Playhouse.

   He is an award-winning fine artist, as well as a professional newspaper editorial and sports cartoonist. Lincoln High School honored him by inducting him into their “Hall of Achievement.”

   Basically self-taught in the fine arts, Rob works primarily in oils. His love of color leads him to paint landscapes and cityscapes with a bright impressionistic palette. Recently, he is creating abstract works based on religious themes and biblical stories.

   He resides in Skippack, Pennsylvania, and summers in his studio in the Poconos.

   Rob gratefully acknowledges his talents are gifts from God.

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Rob Lawlor
Phone: 610-454-0728
Email: rob@lawlorgallery.com
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